Show your Worth and Values (your Qualifiers) to advertise your cultural fit on the workplace

Use the Easy accessible Business Qualifier tool to advertise your Business qualifiers

Ask yourself: what is needed to Create the Right Environmental Conditions for you to flourish on your workplace.

Define your Business Qualifiers: specify the best (realistic) Circumstances for you to work in and to do well.

Fill in the Business Qualifier tool to advertise your qualifiers in a Business Footprint

Let HR uses your advertised qualifiers to • ensure the right circumstance for you to keep doing well on your job and • use it in the hiring proces for cultural fit profiling

It is all :

It is all about taken ownership. Why do not give it a try? And see what this, in your working life, could do for you:

doing what you love

being the best you can give

and fulfill every working day as if was your first day

Off course:

It is known that you cannot all control all what is happening on the working floor.

Off course:

It is known that you are part of a bigger deal.

But what you can do to express or to make sure that you are noticed for:

The job done

Your qualities

Your work ethics

Is take the ownership of that part that you can influence and that Is YOU.

YOU can make sure that you are viewed: 

For the person who you are

Or want to be on the work floor 

And what your additions are to the company, department or boss you are working for. 

Because remember that when you were hired all sorts of personality test, assessment, and IQ/EQ test were done to test if you were the best person for the job.
Only circumstances changes. And you are still there: were you tested or were other colleagues tested again after a certain period of time?

But New coworkers are hired, bosses come and go, and organizations are reorganized


What can you do about that:

Could you not have some impact on changes in your work environment?

Could you not in a way influence the matching process? Is this really out of your control?

No not totally as you could define your own Business Qualifiers and advertise these in your personal Business Footprint.

" the Business Qualifiers define the circumstances under which you Work the best " .


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